selected performances:
CAVA NO 150 - SLOW COCTAIL, Art Berlin, DE 2017
CAROLINE, Sounding Pictures @ACUD, Berlin, DE 2017
Doom Spa VII: Shower for Humans and Horses / Sounds and Songs for Sun Creatures, PRE MORTEM, Worpswede, DE 2017
THE MISANTROPHE, La Biennale de Montréal, Montréal, CAN 2016
LIGG LÅGT, Husby Konsthall, Stockholm 2016
ULRIKA, Art's Birthday, Södra Teatern, Stockholm 2016
LUCIA, Boklunds Tornet, Malmö SE 2015
EMELIE, Malmö Sommarscen, Malmö, SE 2015
NODC2015-new other dimensions congress, Liszt, Berlin, DE 2015
SOPHIE, Sikås Art Center, Sikås, SE 2014
KAH BEE, PHENOMENAL @Myndhöggvarafélagið, Reykjavik, ISL 2014
ANNA, INKONST, Malmö, SE 2014
protect your balance, MIR, Oslo, NO 2014
BONBON, Galerie Tobias Naehring, Leipzig, DE 2014
Showroom, Malmö, SE 2014
for reasons tripping on pages, Sandy Brown, Berlin, DE 2014
FINDINGS, FM Vernissage, Radio Skanstull, Stockholm, SE 2014
Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, SE 2014
Museum zu Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen, CH 2013
JIMMY-ANSWER-ME, Skissernas Museum, Lund, SE 2013
MAKE ME LIKE YOU, CEO Gallery, Malmö, SE 2013
Kraniche, Hamburg, DE 2013
Trinosophes, Detroit, US 2012
WHEN IS ITSELF, Gallerie HFBK, Hamburg, Germany 2012
STRESS OF SENSATION, Villa Romana, Florence, Italy 2012
Motto Berlin, Berlin, Germany 2012
The Aha! Effect, Martini Projects, Gothenburg, Sweden 2011
SSZ-SÜD, Cologne, Germany 2011
SVART FET JORD, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden 2011
D I N G U M, Berlin, Germany 2011
all we knew was we wanted more power, Based in Berlin, Berlin, Germany 2011
Archive Kabinette, Berlin, Germany 2011
CANDLES IN THE MINDGAME, beige cube, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 2010
(A)LIVE AFTER FOREVER, Forgotten Bar, Berlin, Germany 2010
MMX-Open Art Space, Berlin, Germany 2010
Galley Niklas Belenius, Stockholm, Sweden 2010
De Klompe 35, Enschede, The Netherlands 2009
Planet Art-home of electronic rage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2009
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany 2009

solo exhibitions:
MAKE ME LIKE YOU, CEO Gallery, Malmö, Sweden 2013
ÄVENTYR OCH ÖVERLEVNAD, Galleri KHM, Malmö, Sweden 2013
the Aha! Effect, Martini Projects, Gothenburg 2011
Skittish, De Klomp 35, Enschede, The Netherlands 2010
Bright, Galleri SteinslandBerliner, Stockholm, Sweden 2009

selected group exhibitions/screenings:
Schneeeule, Berlin Project Space Festival, Berlin, 2016
Tower Show: Egg, Boklundstornet, Malmö, Sweden 2015
Sikås Symposium, Sikås Art Center, Sikås Sweden 2015
PHENOMENAL partII, Myndhöggvarafélagið, Reykjavik, ISL 2014
When Is Itself, Galerie der HBFK, Hamburg, Germany 2012
Galerie Lisa Reuter, Vienna, Austria 2012
Death Can Dance, Zürich, Switzerland 2012
Candles in the mindgame, beige cube, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany 2010
AFTER FOREVER, Forgotten Bar, Berlin, Germany 2010
SLURP, Galleri Hades, Stockholm, Sweden 2010
Swedish Film Marathon, Arsenale-Institute for Film and Art Video, Berlin 2009
Tourist Attraction, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany 2009
The Styxpyx Show, Styx Publishing at GoodTV, 2007

SKRÄCKMÄSTAR'N, editor C M Lundberg, 2015
for reasons tripping on pages, text with additional sound-work, General Fine Arts Issue 2, 2014
INTO THE FLESH, audio cassette 47 min, Ed. of 50, YYAA-recordings 2013
this stone and that know what I'm saying, video-lecture via Waves of Direction 2013
I LOVE YOU 100% YES I DO, editor Sandra Mujinga 2013
Stream of Consciousness, PWR at Galleri Krets, Malmö, Sweden 2012
Linear Manual, TLTRPREß and PAF 2012
THE FIRST STONE, audio cassette 32min., Ed. of 50, RUSTLE VV 2012
Supervision, Styx Publishing 2012

Two-year working grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committe 2017
Helge Axon Johnssons Stiftelse 2017
Ricklundsgården, Lappland Sweden 2016
Sikås Art Center Residency, Sweden 2016
Sasso Residency, Italy 2014
IASPIS Internationellt Kulturutbyte (samarbetsprojekt SVART FET JORD) 2011
1-year working grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committe 2010
Längmanska Kulturfonden 2009
ARE Artist Residencies Enschede, The Netherlands 2009

commissioned composition
Jag Är En Annan Nu, Stockholm Stadsteater 2018, director Björn Runge
EUROPAS KNIV, Göteborgs Stadsteater 2016, director Björn Runge/Marcus Carlsson
Gellhorn Hemingway, Stockholms Stadsteater 2015, director Björn Runge
VÅGEN-Ordning ger Makt, Unga Radioteatern 2014, director Natalie Ringler
Nattvarden by Lars Norén, Stockholms Stadsteater 2014, director Björn Runge
En Handelsresandes Död by Arthur Miller, Göteborgs Stadsteater 2014, director Björn Runge
Chans, Unga Radioteatern 2013, director Natalie Ringler

Nature- and Fauna Care, 2017
MFA Malmö Art Academy 2011-2013
Philosophy (30 ECTS) Umeå University 2010
BFA Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2006-2009
Liverpool School of Art and Design, exchange student @John Moores University 2002
Örebro Art College 2001-2003